Fragrance List
Mediterranean Pottery Collection
12 oz. Homespun Jar
24 oz. Homespun Jar
24oz Homespun Jar- Limited Availability
25% Off- Bird Pottery- Limited Availability
32% OFF Terra Vasa 2.0 Promotion
Drizzle Melt Program - 91142

American Soybean WaxTM
Bird Pottery
Bird Pottery- Limited Availability
Botanical Garden Collection
Botanical Garden Large Bowl
Botanical Garden Small Bowl
Botanical Garden Small Round Pot
Botanical Garden Window Box
Bowl w/Lid
Broken Edge Vase
Cambria Bowl
Cambria Collection Program - 91102
Cambria Pottery Collection
Candle Safety
Classic 2-Piece Set
Clean & Contemporary
Clean & Contemporary Jar
Clean & Contemporary Program - 91106
Damage & Shortage Claim Form
Drizzle Decoration Drizzle Melts- Limited Availability
Drizzle Decoration Drizzle MeltsTM
Drizzle MeltsTM
Electric Wax Melters
Electric Wax Melters Program - 91198
English Farmhouse Collection
English Farmhouse Pottery Program - 91143
English Garden Large Square- Limited Availability
Essential Candle Jar- Limited Availability
Filled Containers
Flared Square Pot
French Farmhouse Bowl- Limited Availability
Grey Signature 2- Piece Set
Herbal Decoration Drizzle Melts- Limited Availability
Herbal Decoration Drizzle MeltsTM
Hobnail Pot
Homespun Jar Program - 91101
Homespun JarTM Collection
Ivory Petals 2-Piece Set
Ivory Scroll 2-Piece Set
Ivory Signature 2-Piece Set
Keepsake Large Jar
Large Bell Vase
Large Cache Pot
Large Round Pot
Large Stoneware Coffee Cups- Limited Availability
Limited Availability 24oz Pantry Jars
Mediterranean Medium Flower Pot
Mediterranean Small Square
Medium Jar w/Lid
Mini Sampler Jar Program with Nine Basket Display - 91140 with Display
Mini Sampler Jar Program without Display - 91141 without Display
Mini Sampler Jars
NEW Logo Signature Glass Jars
Pick 12 Program - 91164
Pottery Candles
Pottery Refill Kit
Pottery Refill Kits
Round Vintage Bowl
Round Vintage Pot
Ruffled Bowl
Ruffled Pot
Ruffled Pottery Collection
Sage Floral 2-Piece Set
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Short Logo Glass Jar
Small Bell Vase
Small Cache Pot
Small Round Pot
Small Square Pot
Spring Keepsake Collection
Spring Sampler Program- 91117
Square Vintage Pot
Summer Sampler Program - 91119
Tall Logo Glass Jars
Timeless Bowl- Limited Availability
Timeless Collection
Timeless Medium Jar Program w/ Display - 16100
Vintage Pottery Collection
Vintage Pottery Program - 91112
Weathered Woods Large Window Box- Limited Availability
White Woods Bark Bowl- Limited Availability
White Woods Birch Small Oval Pot
White Woods Birch Small Round Pot
White Woods Birch Small Square Pot
White Woods Pottery
White Woods Small Oval Pot- Limited Availability
White Woods Small Window Box- Limited Availability
Wholesale Ordering Information
Window Box
1-800-626-4590 Swanton, Ohio