Swan Creek Air Fresheners
17 Fragrances

Swan Creek Air Fresheners
New Orders & reorders require a minimum order of 5 cases (18 packs per case) or 1 program.
Air Fresheners will ship on their own and cannot be combined with other products.
Each air freshener is individually bagged within the 3-pack and has a black string for hanging.

Swan Creek Air Freshener Program
9 fragrances at 9 packs each= 81 packs ($238.95)
Bourbon Maple Sugar*
Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree*
Fresh Strawberry
Honey Soaked Apples*
Peppermint Twist*
Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle*
Roasted Espresso*
Vanilla Pound Cake*
Warm Cinnamon Buns*
8 fragrances at 5 packs each= 40 packs ($118.00)
Crisp Cotton
French Lavender Lemonade
Garden Party
Southern Sweet Tea
Spa Day
Strawberry Basil
Summer Melon
Summer Rain

* = Our Best Selling Fragrances
Swan Creek Air Freshener Program 91133
Swan Creek Air Fresheners
3-Pack Rectangle Air Freshener w/ Header Card
Header Card: 7.625"H x 3"W
Air Freshener: 4"h x 2.75
041 - $2.95 per pack - 18 packs per fragrance per case - $53.10 / case
1-800-626-4590 Swanton, Ohio