**Shipping Time for Drizzle Melts is 3-5 business days** **Shipping Time for Homespun Jars and Timeless Jars is 7 business days** **Shipping Time for Pottery Candles is 4 weeks**

Welcome to the Swan Creek Candle Co.(R) Wholesale website. Our Clean Burning, Lead Free, Intensely Fragrant American Soybean WaxTM Candles are sure to please!

Feel free to contact us at info@swancreekcandle.com or phone at
(800) 626-4590 from 8:30am to 4:00pm EST.

Fall 2020 Update:

Effective immediately, due to a combination of increased demand for our products and significant limitations in the supply of both raw materials and labor due to COVID19 implications, we are making the following changes for the remainder of 2020:

We cannot accept orders from non-existing Customers. While we appreciate the interest of new Customers; during the busiest part of this year, we must focus on the needs of our existing Customers who have placed their loyalty and trust in Swan Creek Candle Co. We are gathering information from all prospective Customers who contact us, and we will contact them as soon as business patterns normalize. We hope to get back to normal and to begin earning the trust of New Customers early in 2021.

We are standardizing the format of all Customer Orders In order to speed Order Processing as much as possible, we can no longer accept any Customer request which would require additional processing time. For the remainder of 2020, we cannot accept new orders with: Ship Dates (including Open Houses or Special Events), Requests for Credit Terms, Call before Charging, Must Ship Complete, Special Rushes, Invoice in Box, or special requests of any sort.

Please Adjust your Expectations These are not normal times. When placing orders with our Customer Service Team or Sales Representatives, please be flexible. COVID19 issues have severely impacted our Supply Chains. We do not have access to Raw Materials in a steady or predictable manner. We have adjusted our Production to be as nimble as possible. When placing your order, please accept the suggestions of our Customer Service Team who are very knowledgeable of our changing inventory landscape.

Production is currently at 100% Capacity.

Customers who have ordered what is available have experienced greater success as End Customer demand is very strong.

We are a Customer-Focused Company with an intense appreciation of the loyalty of our Customers.

We are making these changes to streamline operations to get orders to you faster.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

Please contact us with any questions.

Thank You

Swan Creek Candle Co

1-800-626-4590 Swanton, Ohio