Fall 2020 Fragrance Descriptions

By the Fireside - Subtle notes of exotic spice meld together with creamy maple wood, Texas Cedar and smoked vetiver to create an envelope of warmth and coziness. It might be cold outside but you are snug by the fireside!

Christmas In The Air - The splendor of the Holiday season is captured in this magical blend of spun sugar, baking spices, crisp apple and frosted berries. ‘Tis the season to decorate your tree and spend time with family!

Lavender Spruce - Blue Spruce and French Lavender mingle together with undertones of delicate Rosemary and English Mint for a layered, herbaceous experience. This subtle herbal blend will be sure to “spruce” up your home!

Old Fashioned Christmas Cookie - A boozy twist on a Christmas classic!! Rye whiskey blends with sugar, creamy butter, zesty orange and maraschino cherry for a truly unique and modern sugar cookie. Guaranteed to bring Christmas Cheer!

Sage & Lemon Balm - Wild sage and lemon balm are known for their restorative, calming and cleansing properties and this duo is no exception. Decidedly botanical and fresh, with hints of a late afternoon breeze, this is how sunshine smells!

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