New Spring 2020 Fragrance Descriptions

Citrus Grove
TOP: Mandarin, Tangerine, Cassis
MIDDLE: Red Currant, Guava, Lemon Flower
BOTTOM: Wild Lilies, Ivy, Vanilla Sugar

Vibrant nuances of Tangerine, Mandarin & Cassis shine on top. Traces of Red Currants, Guava and Lemon Flower sweep throughout. Bottom notes of green Ivy & Lily add to Vanilla Sugar for the finishing touches.

Early Morning Mist
TOP: Coastal Sea Kelp, Bergamot, Jasmine
MIDDLE Green Melon, Clove, Eucalyptus Leaf
BOTTOM: Seaweed Absolute, Cardamom, Guaiacwood

Coastal notes of Sea Kelp are wrapped with Bergamot & a Jasmine Bouquet. Green Melon, Clove & Eucalyptus shine throughout. Undertones of Seaweed, Cardamom & Guaiacwood create a signature scent of appeal.

Floral Story
TOP: Wild Lilies, Jasmine, Freesia
MIDDLE: Rose Petals, Amber Essence, Green Apple
BOTTOM: Patchouli, Cedar, Vanilla Sugar

An unexpected floral bouquet that is mysterious and complex. Warm and spicy vanilla and patchouli provide a strong base to frame the light and delicate notes of jasmine and lily. Very feminine and unexpected this scent is both sweet and spicy.

Hibiscus & Wild Rose
TOP: Peonies, Coconut Water, Hibiscus Flower
MIDDLE: Peach, Sweet Pea, Rose Petals
BOTTOM: Apple Blossom, Musk, Sandalwood

Tropical notes of Island Hibiscus is completed with Lush Peony & fresh Coconut Waters. A heart of Peach is joined with Sweet Pea & Rose. Undertones of Apple Blossom lingers with soft textures of Sandalwood & Musk.

Lime Zest & Basil
TOP: Lime peel, Lemon Zest
MIDDLE: Basil, Sage
BOTTOM: Pink Pepper, Cedar, Spearmint

Bright, citrusy and bursting with lime this is like a splash of sunshine wherever it is used. Fresh and clean with clear notes of lime and lemon and smoothed out with sweet spearmint and cedar.

Midnight Moss
TOP: Water Lotus, Lemon, Pamplemousse
MIDDLE: Amber, Oak moss, Wild Vetivert
BOTTOM: Violet Leaf, Agave Nectar, Musk

Tranquil notes of Water Lotus is combined with Lemon & Pamplemousse. Earthy notes of Vetivert & Oak Moss are joined with Amber. A greenery of Violet Leaves & Agave are Misted with Musk.

Raspberry Rhubarb
TOP: Wild raspberry, Lemon California, Lemongrass
MIDDLE: Strawberry, Cranberry, Rhubabrb
BOTTOM: Vanilla, Cream

Sweet but layered this will fill your room with the scent of a summer berry patch. The raspberry is brightened with lemon and lemongrass while the tartness of rhubarb is made sweeter with the addition of strawberry.

Spring Thyme
TOP: Cucumber Extract, Crushed Basil, Thyme
MIDDLE: Rosemary Sprigs, Petitgrain, Lemongrass
BOTTOM: Eucalyptus, Cedar Leaves, Amber

Crisp nuances of crushed Basil is complimented with Cucumber Extract. A heart of revitalizing notes of Rosemary, Petitgrain & Lemongrass captivate this aroma. Undertones of Cedar leaf, Amber & Eucalyptus adds to the finishing touches.

Warm Sunshine
TOP: Grapefruit, Lemon Leaf
MIDDLE: Gold Spun Amber, Jasmine
BOTTOM: Clove, Cedar, Sandalwood, Oud Wood

A refreshing blend of Grapefruit & Lemon Leaves are joined with Amber & Night Blooming Jasmine. A warmth of complex woods creates a signature aroma.

TOP: Amber Crystal, Citron, Muguet
MIDDLE: Heliotrope Flower, Clove Leaf, White Cedar
BOTTOM: Guaiacwood, Vanilla, Damask Rose

Seduce your senses with a combination of Muguet Blossom, Amber and bright Citron. A lush heart of Heliotrope Flower is joined with Clove & White Cedar. Sweet undertones of Vanilla, Damask Roses & Guaiacwood creates a modern fragrant affair.

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